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Creating a data analytics hub on a budget to drive your business

The collection and proper analysis of large amounts of data can open doors for your business.    Big Data has the potential to:...

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How to make Big Data work for you

Often, the image surrounding Big Data focuses on how giant corporations can hoover up an extraordinary amount of information, feed it into pow...

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The birth of big data and the revolution of analytics

The term Big Data is more than just jargon: in fact, one of the most commonly heard buzzwords in business today is ‘Big Data’ This...

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Christmas Opening Times

Christmas Opening Times 23rd December - Closed from 14:00 28th - 30th December - Open from 10:00 until 15:00 (skeleton Support sta...

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The dangers of Ransomware

Thousands are having their computers encrypted by ransomware – are you one of them? Ransomware is a form of malware that gives cyber...

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Delight your employees with virtual working and boost productivity

The workplace is constantly evolving, and a whole range of trends influence how it develops.  Take the open plan office: a major reason f...

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